Automotive Electronics
Applications: Lighting、Infotainment、Gearbox、BMS、Sensor、ADAS、Speedometer、vehicle backup camera......
Medical Devices
Applications:Medical equipments such as Catheters、 Ultrasound probes、Patient monitoring、Oximeter、imaging、Catheters、CT……
Consumer Electronics
oks、Wearable devices、Camera modules、Digital cameras、Game boards……

Industrial Control
Applications: Robots、servers、5G optical sensors、
Industrial touch panels、Flexible Heaters……
       Suiwa High Technology Electronic Industries (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd is a professional flexible circuit board manufacturer invested by Twisden. The registered capital is 90.47 million RMB. It is located at the center of Xiamen Island,Si Ming Optoelectronic Industrial Park,in addition too,it is adjacent to the Xiamen International Convention Exhibition Center. Suiwa has group of companies including QDOS flexcircuits and QDOS MIS semiconductor substrate manufacturing plants in Malaysia.
     We are specialized in producing high quality FPC & FPCA, covering a full spectrum of  UL certifications which includes single sided boards, double sided boards, multi-layered and rigid flex boards. The products are applicable for medical devices, mobile phones, 5G, lithium batteries, computers, digital cameras touch panel, LCD screens, wearable devices, Robots, industrial control panels and auto.Suwa is an appointed vendor for supplying FPC to MNCs such as Panasonic, GE, Flex, Sharp, Sony, Fujifilm, Fujitsu, Biel, SLCD, Laibao and etc. In order to enhance the quality, we have invested heavily into the sophisticated technology and equipment made in Germany, USA, Japan, Taiwan etc.

China acknowledges the high-quality development of over 1,000 state-level technologically advanced “little giant” enterprises (hereinafter referred to as key “little giant” enterprises) in three ba...
The application of FPC connector is becoming more and more popular. In the automotive market, FFC/FPC connectors are widely used in GPS devices, LCD displays...
QDOS stays open to new ideas, welcoming long-term partnerships and collaborations with experienced technology vendors...
When news of the coronavirus outbreak spread around the world in January, officials of the Malaysian tech company Qdos quickly realized what they needed to do to keep their factory in China running...
  2019年6月14日,驻槟城总领事鲁世巍参观马来西亚著名电子企业瑞华高科(QDOS,也称为求多实),并与公司创始人黄天隆、总裁黄信翰等进行交流。  鲁总领事认真听取了瑞华高科的发展历程、业务现状以及与外国电子企业的合作情况。鲁总领事表示,电子业是当今工业领域的重要版块,电子产品在各个领域应用广泛。中国拥有近14亿人口,市场巨大,欢迎瑞华高科在内的马来西亚企业赴华开展交流合作,驻槟城总领馆...
Suiwa R&D Center be completed,it is a landmark building in Xiamen...
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