I'm Sold On Flexible Circuits. Now How Do I Go About Getting Some?

Issuing time:2021-07-25 22:14

Remember that the flexible circuit manufacturer is essentially a design and manufacturing ser vice organization. Although flexible circuitry is different than hard board designs, it is not difficult to design and manufacture if you have the proper assistance.

The best way to become acquainted with a flexible circuit manufacturer is to take a tour of their facilities. Evaluate their experience and production capabilities, and bring them in early in the design process to take full advantage of their flex expertise.

A flex circuit expert can find the best cost and performance value with a total systems approach.

At the conceptual stage, he can determine if your design is particularly suited for flex circuits. At a later stage, he can evaluate and reevaluate designs as they progress, assisting with connector selection, fabrication techniques, assembly procedures and prototype testing.

If your design and prototype is completed early in your design process, it also allows your vendor adequate time to develop schedule and quotations for artwork, tooling, and production. This helps the flex circuit manufacturer serve you better with quality, low-cost circuits, and on -time delivery.

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